You're as brilliant as the things you want to do!
Or, as obtuse as the things you don't want to do!

She Is!

She Is:

Warm and welcoming to everyone she meets, always displaying love an kindness.

Organic in the way she approaches life, blessing everyone with whom she comes in contact.

Noble in the way she managers her life, her household and all that she sets her hand to do.

Delicate as a flower in the spring or a snowflake in the winter but her strength of character is a bulwark for us all.

Elegant and graceful never acting inappropriately but always with charm and courtliness.

Refined and intelligent always choosing her words carefully and managing her thoughts with dignity and godliness.

Fascinating and awe inspiring causing everyone to take note though unassuming in all that she does.

Understanding and always willing to forgive and forget.

Loving and kind, never audacious but always caring more for others than for herself.


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