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Second Healthcare worker with Ebola

Well, there is an old saying; “Common sense, the most uncommon thing in America”. Given the current circumstances I have to agree with that wholeheartedly.

A second healthcare worker in Dallas has contracted Ebola.The second of seventy-seven workers who treated Thomas Duncan, a man who came to the US from Liberia by lying to get on a flight. Our healthcare system is not prepared for even a small outbreak of Ebola, much less an epidemic. Further, the fact that these “unexplained” contractions of Ebola occurred with healthcare workers following the brilliant, yet completely arrogant and condescending, advice of the CDC is inevitable.

How is it that our government, citing that public safety as being paramount, can summarily stop flights to Ben Gurion airport for nearly a week because a single Hamas rocket landed a mile away from the airport while, stating that our public safety is not at risk, allowing flights from west Africa to continue freely flowing into this country?

As we are now seeing the second case of Ebola, a disease with a 70%+ mortality rate, contracted on our soil, I am reminded of the fact that western European migration to American soil brought diseases that virtually wiped out the American and Canadian Indian populations. Nearly every severe outbreak of disease in world has started with infections brought into the environment from another location. So this decision to continue allowing flights from west African nations to flow into the US is tantamount to declaring that there is going to be a flood so lets open all of the dams.

Yes, we need to deal with Ebola in west Africa. Yes, we need flights into and out of the region. But does that require commercial flights with little or no control over contamination as well as unlimited contact with people all over the world? Not at all! Military and charter flights would be much more effective as those environments can be completely controlled and can be completely decontaminate.

“Common Sense, the MOST UNCOMMON thing in America!”

Please join me in donating to Samaritan’s Purse, an organization that has been fighting Ebola in west Africa from the very start. The first two patients brought into the US for treatment were from Samaritan’s Purse so please donate.

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