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It’s about “The Agenda”


The Agenda and Recent Events

The AgendaRecent events of serious unrest in Ferguson Missouri have been at the forefront of the media. The Obama administration, underwritten by the mainstream media and black radical groups, has incited outrage over a black man who was shot and killed by a white police officer and have made accusations of racism and injustice. At the same time the administration, and the mainstream media, has been virtually silent regarding the brutal beheading of a white grandmother by a black man in Moore Oklahoma. Most people look at this and shake their heads in disgust wondering how can this be so? How can their be such outrage over a hoodlum killed by a police officer and yet such dispassion about a completely innocent grandmother who was brutally beheaded in her place of work? Considering the series of events that have occurred since Barak Obama became president, it seems to call into question the fundamental character of the administration.

How do We Know

From the declining middle class, increased governmental dependence, national debt and the complete dismantling of the US Constitution to scandals like Fast-and-Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservatives, VA death lists, and Secret Service ethics violations to Russian aggression against Ukraine, Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and the emergence of ISIS, there are common themes which reveal that the Obama administration is not simply feckless, but an administration that demonstrates a stark disdain for traditional American moral and ethical values as well as the safety and well-being of the American people. To prove this point, look at the outrage in the Obama administration over incidents such as Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown but the complete impassiveness of the administration over the beheading of Colleen Hufford and the death of American heroes Agent Brian Terry, Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty? Taking a deeper look into this, beginning with administration’s whole-hearted assault on the US Constitution particularly the first and second amendments, one has to reach the conclusion that there is an agenda that is in clear juxtaposition with traditional American moral values as well as projecting those traditional American moral values throughout the world.

Do events, such as these, really prove that there is an agenda? The answer is a very simple one and, even more importantly, it has been right under our noses even before Obama was elected president, twice. In a world where a campaign could make such a fuss about social inequality and a declare the opponents as waging “war on women” while attacking those who work hard to get ahead and completely ignore the values that have made people in this country successful, there can only be one logical conclusion. There is an agenda!

What is The Agenda?

So there is an agenda, what is it? Could there be a simple answer? Perhaps so, most who try to verbalize the agenda really do nothing more than describe results of the agenda. Policies regarding such issues as social inequality, same-sex rights, pro-choice rights and African-American rights are highlighted while the real agenda remains an enigma. Antithetical positions are taken on these policies without focusing on the underlying reasoning behind the position, much like treating symptoms of a disease rather than focusing on the disease itself. The real agenda is much more pernicious, stemming from the basis of moral equivalence and social inequity, designed to transform the country into a socialist state as well as target and diminish the America we know, love and respect to the degree that America is no longer a threat to sociopolitical aspirations in the rest of the world. That being the case, the Obama administration has established a social, economic and political framework of values and goals that it deems important and relevant. With this framework established the administration moves to instantiate policies and make decisions accordingly. While these values and goals are difficult to quantify given the closed nature of the Obama administration, we’ll call this framework “The Agenda”.

So, is the Obama administration feckless and inconsistent or has the Obama administration set a course with a particular set of values goals in mind? Do the actions, policies and decisions of the Obama administration demonstrate consistency? The answer is very uncomplicated. If a decision, action or event supports “The Agenda” it is good and moral and demands pursuit at any cost regardless of traditional American moral and ethical values. However, if a decision, action or event does not support “The Agenda” it is bad and immoral and must be squelched, denigrated or ignored in spite of traditional American moral and ethical values! Isn’t that really what moral equivalence is all about? This is how events such as Fast-and-Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservatives, VA death lists, and Secret Service ethics violations are deemed chicanery by the political opposition and dismissed as unimportant while the shooting of a black criminal by a white police officer is given dramatic focus warranting the full attention and physical presence of the justice department.

Out with the Old in with the New!

the agenda targetWith that in mind, how can things that seem counter-intuitive to so many be considered by the Obama administration as good, moral and applicable for everyone in the country? In this case the answer is also less complex than you may think. There is a traditional view of moral fiber by those who believe in a God based sense of moral and ethical values with a clear definition of right and wrong where getting ahead in the United States of America is a product of hard work, determination and perseverance. The antipodal view of traditional moral fiber, which is the view taken by the Obama administration and part of the framework, is a belief that right and wrong is morally relative and those who believe in hard work, determination and perseverance have created socioeconomic inequity thus depredating the opportunity of others to achieve prosperity. In other words the Obama administration believes that those who work hard at building a business or a well paying job have created social and economic inequity which deprives others of the ability to do the same, thus creating a condition which must be re-balanced to achieve equity. This agenda can not only be applied to the Obama administrations view on the socioeconomic condition within the United States but also how the administration views the economic and sociopolitical policies of the United States throughout the world. By this standard each decision, policy, or response to an event made by the administration can be easily classified by whether it supports or impedes “The Agenda”.

Actions Speak Louder than Words!

How does “The Agenda” apply to Ferguson Missouri and Moore Oklahoma? Well, as mentioned, the Obama administration believes that there are those who are deprived by the social injustice created by others. Michael Brown, a black man, was considered to be a victim of that injustice. Consequently, “The Agenda” is supported by exemplifying the shooting of Michael Brown by a white police officer through displays of outrage, accusations of racism, casting aspersions of injustice and ultimately looting and violence. On the other hand, how does the brutal beheading of an innocent white woman by Alton Nolen, a black man, support “The Agenda”? The answer is simple. It doesn’t! That event was quickly classified as “workplace violence” then summarily ignored by the Obama administration and the mainstream media as well.

How can this be? Well, in a world where busloads of people from Chicago and Texas show up to protest over a black man who, after having just robbed a store and terrorized the attendant, is shot by a white police officer but very few show up to protest the brutal beheading of an innocent white grandmother by a black man, there are some conclusions that can be reached.

1) In the first case those despoiled victims, who are now equalized through government entitlement, are at the beckoned call of the Obama administration, the mainstream media and racial radicals to get on buses and travel wherever needed to protest, riot and loot in support of claims of racism, inequality and injustice purported by “The Agenda”.

2) In the latter case those who work hard pursuing the American dream, their future and the future of their children simply don’t have the time, money or energy to get on a bus and travel anywhere to protest, riot and loot because they have a mortgage, children to raise, and oh, they have to pay for “The Agenda”.

The Agenda is Pervasive!

When examining things happening on the world stage, the same conclusion is easily reached. Targeted killings of “terrorist leaders”, including American citizens, were done to make a political statement. Countless illegal immigrants, including drug dealers as well as many from countries who vow to destroy the United States (“the great Satan”), are allowed to cross over our southern border with impunity. Flights from third world countries with serious disease epidemics are allowed to enter freely into this country. A growing national debt that will rock there very fiber of our economic structure and make us beholding to foreign powers who, by any other measure, are our enemies. Establishment of political, economic and military policies that invite our enemies to engage in aggression against their neighbors but at the same time discourage our friends and allies abroad. Asking a simple question all of these things make perfect sense. Do they support or inhibit “The Agenda”?

While the policies, decisions and responses to events by the Obama administration stand in stark contrast to traditional American moral and ethical values, the administration is consistent and now at least there is the consolation of knowing not only that an agenda exists, but how to properly catalog decisions, issues and events based on “The Agenda”.

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