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Fox News Republican Debate 1

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Thinking about the Fox News Republican Debate 1 last week I can’t help but lose a lot of respect for the Fox anchors. It was terribly sad to see them attack one candidate in particular. It appears that Fox is strongly inclined to the partisanism of the establishment rather than truly fair and balanced reporting and debate hosting to which they claim to subscribe. Someone at Fox should have scrapped many of those questions well before the debate. This is a republic where candidates are elected to support the constituents who elected them not the party to which they belong or the special interests who paid for their campaigns, among other things.

The debate last week simply demonstrated that Fox News is aligned with the partisan middle-of-the-road republican views. The RNC is completely out of touch with those of us who have voted republican in the past. They are driving toward the middle to try and gain support of a few more people at the expense of those who have traditionally support the party. I have come to the conclusion that they are all corrupt and that none of them, with the exception of those like Ted Cruz, actually stand up for and support the people who elected them to office.

Here are some questions that should be asked:

  1. What is the difference between a good bill with bad amendments and a bad bill with good amendments?
  2. What is the difference between special instersts (lobbyists) and crony (phony) capitalism?
  3. What is the (real) difference between a Democrat and a Republican “after” they are elected?
  4. Can you show us one case, charged in the last 6 months, of an arrest based on NSA PRISM data (the real bad guys are using highly encrypted VPN and SIP)?
  5. What are you going to do about unions destruction of the labor force?
  6. What are you going to do to bring back the 2 trillion dollars of overseas money?

Those are some questions that need to be asked. There are many more but the point is the ones asked by Fox commentators, particularly at the beginning of the show, were inflammatory, irrelevant, and, at best, obtuse. The American people want to know how “they” will be represented not how the “party” to which the candidate belongs feels about the candidate.

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There seems to be a notion that you have to make deals to get things done. The compromise that takes place along establishment, ruling political, class lines is that of dealing with others not to convince them of the merit of a bill but to find ways to get them to go along with the bill. The reason that things seem so partisan today is that Washington is literally “Out of Pork”. The now nearly 19 trillion dollar debt has created an environment where party lines are exemplified rather than broken down. This exposes the party systems for what they are, power hungry machines.

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The Truth

One thing is clear. We are headed for totalitarianism that is rooted in the ruling political class. I refer to democrats and republicans because neither of the parties expect the candidates to support those who elect them. Both expect the elected representatives to support the party. This is how we end up with agencies like the EPA, comprised completely of unelected bureaucrats, who can exact regulations that are for “our benefit”. This is how we end up with agencies like the NSA, comprised of appointed bureaucrats, who can spy on the American people with impunity because they are “protecting the people”. This is how we end up with agencies like the IRS, incompetent partisan bureaucrats, who target those that do not fit the “political agenda”.

As we strode through the rubble left by this bastion of untruth it is obvious that our forefathers hoped that their ideals would last longer than they have lasted. Under the weight of government that is “of the party, by the party and for the party” the American people and the republic under which they thought they lived are fading into the sunset of totalitarian rule by the oligarchy of the political ruling class.


The truth is that partisan politics flies in the face of our constitution and our bill of rights. It makes the assumption that if you register and/or vote for a candidate of a certain party that you are endorsing the party platform. The key message that the anger of today’s voters cries out is: “We elect you to represent ‘US’ not the party! Do you understand – yet?” I hear “grass roots” and “party base” so many times and it makes we want to violently regurgitate large portions of previously ingested sustenance! You work for us, not the party!

Partisanism – Nothing New

Partisan politics is nothing new. It has been around since beginning of time. The problem with this kind of behavior is that it fosters compromise. This compromise is generally at the expense of the electorate not the partisans.

What partisan politics has done for America is create three classes of people –

  • A political ruling class
  • A dependent voting class
  • A hard-working left out class

Partisan politics have been around a long time. This fact demonstrates that we, as the hard-working American voter, have been left out for a long time.

I’m going to find a “Tea Party” group somewhere. Maybe they can rise up to challenge the inane ruling political class to which Fox News and their pundits appear to subscribe!

Here is a clip from a 1948 Popeye Cartoon – Olive Oil for President:

oo4pres-1948 from Mike Reeves on Vimeo.

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