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Matthew 15:21-28 “Lord, Son of David have mercy on me! My daughter is suffering terribly from demon-possession.”

There was a Canaanite women from the area where Jesus was. She had a daughter that was demon possessed. She had heard about Jesus and she came to him to ask for help. It is important to understand that the area Jesus was in was the area of Tyre and Sidon. This area was considered “pagan” territory. Sidon was the former home of Jezebel. The Canaanites had been enemies of Israel for years and their paganism had often led Israel into idolatry. They were despised by Israel. Israel referred to them as dogs.

So here is the scene. Jesus and His disciples were approached by a Canaanite women who was crying out for mercy for her child. At first Jesus did not even respond to her cry for mercy. The disciples took God’s lack of response as a lack of concern to help her. They urged Jesus to send her away.

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How to Deal with Temptation

How to Deal with Temptation

Satan Uses Three Avenues!

Today we’ll look at how to deal with temptation. We’ll focus on the temptation of Jesus and how Satan used the same methods he used in the Garden of Eden to temp Jesus. How did Jesus handle the same kind of temptations that caused Adam and Eve to fall into sin? Continue reading

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Catch for Us the Foxes!

Catch for us the Foxes; It’s The Little Things!

Recently my daughter posted her “Snow Day Activity” on Facebook and it was the scripture in Song of Solomon 2:15. Today I was reading D.L. Moody’s book “The Overcoming Life” (highly recommended) and what did he write about? Song of Solomon 2:15. So I figured that the “Thought of the Day” should be about what that scripture represents to me. Some would disagree theologically but D.L. Moody and I are right in sync so Here we go! Continue reading

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