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Swampfox Shrimp Creole


Who is the the Swampfox. Me of course!

Swampfox shrimp creole is one my favorite dishes. I particularly love this dish on a cold day but, hey, it’s good any time.

In my case I love to add a little extra black pepper to get some extra “pungent” heat. The recipe works best with fresh shrimp and fresh cayenne pepper but if you don’t have the real deal you may substitute jalapeno or use a milder pepper like poblano. Serve the creole over brown (my favorite) or white rice. The key is letting the dish simmer for a while before adding the final ingredients. The green onions are as much for looks as flavor and they add a colorful contrast to the dish.

The Swampfox creole is easy to make and takes about 30 minutes fridge to plate. Yum! Continue reading

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