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Killing the Prophets

Stoning of Stephen 3It seems that today’s culture has become more than just the anything-goes culture of the 60s but a culture where anything-goes especially if it is opposed to the truth of God’s Word. Secular culture readily embraces and promotes anything that is opposed to that truth and denigrates anyone who stands in favor of that truth. While, on the one hand, they espouse tolerance on the other, they oppose the truth of God’s Word with intolerance, vitriol and hate. In this modern culture things that God’s Word calls out as sinful behavior are viewed with contempt and are proscribed as out of touch in this new modern time.

Things such as adultery, same-sex marriage and abortion are touted as normal and acceptable. Even church leaders of today are beginning to embrace this kind of behavior as acceptable for those who attend church (note I did not use the term Christians). While the culture of the day readily embraces these things there are those who truly believe God’s Word is truth and they also subscribe to the fact that God’s truth is applicable in today’s culture as well.

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How the Cookies Crumble Part 2


the-cookie-crumblesIn Part 1 I talked about all of the nasty things that cookies can do and how they can be used to monitor your activity on the web as well as the fact that they can slow page response by an order of magnitude. Facebook and Google hook tracking cookies into you browser sessions without you even knowing it is happening. As mentioned in the previous article Facebook and Google, as well as many other internet providers, not only use these tracking techniques but they also bring along their friends, i.e. vendors who pay them money. These vendors, in turn, bring along their friends and as the number of trackers increase the danger of voluminous tracking becomes more likely.

What Can be Done?

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The GOP is Losing Us

teapartyWhat is the Problem with the GOP

There are many reasons why I believe that the GOP lost in 2008 and 2012. For one thing they have begun pushing what they call more “moderate” candidates. What that really means is that the GOP is beginning to abandon one of their greatest supports, Evangelical Christians. The Tea Party arose because of the GOP move toward secularism as the Democrats had done a couple of decades ago. When was the last time you heard a candidate for office identify with Biblical teaching? When was the last time a candidate offered up a prayer, I mean a real “In Jesus Name” prayer?

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How the Cookies Crumble


google-facebook-spyingMy father-in-law used to say “If it sounds to good to be true, it is too good to be true!” Another famous quote is “You get what you pay for!” So why am I mentioning these things in a post on Cookies and what does that have to do with you? Well, demographic information on Facebook helped re-elect Barak Obama in 2012. The government used Facebook to experiment with your emotions. Facebook tracks everything you do on your personal devices, computer, tablet and smart phone. This tracking can lead to privacy compromise, unreliable computers, devices and smartphones, targeting for advertisements as well as potential association with websites or organizations with whom you and/or your friends may not want to be associated at all.

So free comes at a price and that is what “How the Cookies Crumble” is all about. Basically, sites like Facebook say; “If you want to use our stuff for free you have to give up your right to privacy.” Facebook states that it is for our best interest and they are protecting and providing us with a better experience. We’ll read that a little later right from the Facebook privacy agreement and decode what it really means. For now we’ll focus on Facebook as the example but Google, Yahoo and any other “free” services use the same techniques to track everything you do. In fact practically every web site you visit uses some kind of tracking. Continue reading

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Here come the Black Airplanes

N163PA - 1982 build Grumman Gulfstream 3, ex Danish Air Force F-249Ebola infected nurse Nina Pham boarded a charcoal grey aircraft headed out of Dallas to a special isolation ward at the National Institutes of Health Hospital in Maryland.

So  anyone wondering about these unmarked, almost black, aircraft. Guesses anyone?  Well Here is the information:

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Bombing Campaign against ISIS Named

ISIS_Bombing_CampaignHow to Name A Bombing Campaign

The Pentagon named the bombing campaign against ISIS “Operation Inherent Resolve”! A bombing campaign that has had little or no effect in slowing down ISIS. It seems that due to the lack of effective results another name would, perhaps, be more appropriate: “Operation Unapparent Resolve”!

When you look at the bombing campaigns in 1991 and 2004 there is a little bit of a difference. The current campaign is anemic compared to the previous campaigns. ISIS fighters should be afraid to stick their head out of the hole in which they are hiding.

Unfortunately, they are still moving forward their attacks on Iraqi and Syrian towns and cities. The big worry at this point is what will the American people do when they see an American pilot beheaded on TV.

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ISIS Bombing Campaign Named

The Pentagon named the bombing operation campaign against ISIS. “Operation Inherent Resolve”! However, it seems that the lack of results would make another name more appropriate: “Operation Inapparent Resolve”!

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Second Healthcare worker with Ebola

Well, there is an old saying; “Common sense, the most uncommon thing in America”. Given the current circumstances I have to agree with that wholeheartedly.

A second healthcare worker in Dallas has contracted Ebola.The second of seventy-seven workers who treated Thomas Duncan, a man who came to the US from Liberia by lying to get on a flight. Our healthcare system is not prepared for even a small outbreak of Ebola, much less an epidemic. Further, the fact that these “unexplained” contractions of Ebola occurred with healthcare workers following the brilliant, yet completely arrogant and condescending, advice of the CDC is inevitable.

How is it that our government, citing that public safety as being paramount, can summarily stop flights to Ben Gurion airport for nearly a week because a single Hamas rocket landed a mile away from the airport while, stating that our public safety is not at risk, allowing flights from west Africa to continue freely flowing into this country? Continue reading

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Welcome to

Welcome to the place to share.  I love to post and blog about many things like gardening, computers, religion and politics. However, I am passionate about my relationship with Christ.

We do not allow inappropriate content but encourage constructive discussion. I love to share ideas and will be putting up lots of practical stuff as well as some “things to noodle on!”

Here’s one:



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