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Killing the Prophets

Stoning of Stephen 3It seems that today’s culture has become more than just the anything-goes culture of the 60s but a culture where anything-goes especially if it is opposed to the truth of God’s Word. Secular culture readily embraces and promotes anything that is opposed to that truth and denigrates anyone who stands in favor of that truth. While, on the one hand, they espouse tolerance on the other, they oppose the truth of God’s Word with intolerance, vitriol and hate. In this modern culture things that God’s Word calls out as sinful behavior are viewed with contempt and are proscribed as out of touch in this new modern time.

Things such as adultery, same-sex marriage and abortion are touted as normal and acceptable. Even church leaders of today are beginning to embrace this kind of behavior as acceptable for those who attend church (note I did not use the term Christians). While the culture of the day readily embraces these things there are those who truly believe God’s Word is truth and they also subscribe to the fact that God’s truth is applicable in today’s culture as well.

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Socialism. Mans Attempt to Deny God!

Socialism. Mans Attempt to Deny God!

The Kingdom of God vs. SocialismSocialism has never succeeded in any society at any time. From the ancient Egyptians to the Greek and Roman Empires, socialism has always failed. In today’s culture socialistic countries have created a strata of dependence that has literally racked up debt to the point where those countries are teetering on the brink of financial disaster. Look at Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. All of those countries are operating at a financial deficit. The United States has also fallen under the spell of socialism and running debt up as though there is no tomorrow. But what is the real motive behind socialism? What is the appeal of socialism? What are the ultimate results of socialism? And, most importantly, what does God’s Word say about socialism? In this article we’ll look at all of those aspects.

But to begin, socialism certainly does not seem to be about financial security as evidenced by the debt in this country and across the globe. This mountain of debt threatens not only the financial stability United States but of the entire world. Let’s look at one example in the US. The United States owes more than a trillion dollars to China, a communist country, who under any other circumstances would be considered an enemy. How can the US be in such debt to a country that outlaws the very things that we hold dear. Religious freedom, the pursuit of our own destiny and all of the things chartered in the Declaration of Independence and provided by our Constitution are literally held in disdain by this communist government. A government whose regard for human rights align only in total compliance of everyone in that country with the will of the government. Those who do not comply completely are enemies of the state and risk death or imprisonment. The sad fact is that the United States, the richest nation in the world, is a debtor country to a communist regime who stands in stark opposition to everything we stand for and believe.

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She Is!

She Is:

Warm and welcoming to everyone she meets, always displaying love an kindness.

Organic in the way she approaches life, blessing everyone with whom she comes in contact.

Noble in the way she managers her life, her household and all that she sets her hand to do.

Delicate as a flower in the spring or a snowflake in the winter but her strength of character is a bulwark for us all.

Elegant and graceful never acting inappropriately but always with charm and courtliness.

Refined and intelligent always choosing her words carefully and managing her thoughts with dignity and godliness.

Fascinating and awe inspiring causing everyone to take note though unassuming in all that she does.

Understanding and always willing to forgive and forget.

Loving and kind, never audacious but always caring more for others than for herself.


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Purple Penguins

purple_penguinsThe degree to which the liberal left has taken political correctness has just gotten simply insane. A school district in Lincoln Nebraska recently conducted teacher training where they were coached to refrain from using gender terminology with the children for fear of offending them. Teachers were encouraged to use terms like “hey campers” and, yes you’ve guessed it, “purple penguins”! They were encouraged not to have the children line up as boys and girls but as perhaps, even and odd birth dates.

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