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It’s about “The Agenda”


The Agenda and Recent Events

The AgendaRecent events of serious unrest in Ferguson Missouri have been at the forefront of the media. The Obama administration, underwritten by the mainstream media and black radical groups, has incited outrage over a black man who was shot and killed by a white police officer and have made accusations of racism and injustice. At the same time the administration, and the mainstream media, has been virtually silent regarding the brutal beheading of a white grandmother by a black man in Moore Oklahoma. Most people look at this and shake their heads in disgust wondering how can this be so? How can their be such outrage over a hoodlum killed by a police officer and yet such dispassion about a completely innocent grandmother who was brutally beheaded in her place of work? Considering the series of events that have occurred since Barak Obama became president, it seems to call into question the fundamental character of the administration.

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Purple Penguins

purple_penguinsThe degree to which the liberal left has taken political correctness has just gotten simply insane. A school district in Lincoln Nebraska recently conducted teacher training where they were coached to refrain from using gender terminology with the children for fear of offending them. Teachers were encouraged to use terms like “hey campers” and, yes you’ve guessed it, “purple penguins”! They were encouraged not to have the children line up as boys and girls but as perhaps, even and odd birth dates.

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In God We Trust

 In God We Trust

prayerRecently, I have been receiving phone calls on a daily basis regarding my political position. Are you “conservative” or “liberal” they ask? Then they proceed to rattle off a list of candidates and ask for my position on various issues. They never fail to ask two questions:

1) Is the country going in the right direction or the wrong direction?

2) What do you believe to be the most important issue facing the country, or the state at this time?

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Welcome to

Welcome to the place to share.  I love to post and blog about many things like gardening, computers, religion and politics. However, I am passionate about my relationship with Christ.

We do not allow inappropriate content but encourage constructive discussion. I love to share ideas and will be putting up lots of practical stuff as well as some “things to noodle on!”

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