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Killing the Prophets

Stoning of Stephen 3It seems that today’s culture has become more than just the anything-goes culture of the 60s but a culture where anything-goes especially if it is opposed to the truth of God’s Word. Secular culture readily embraces and promotes anything that is opposed to that truth and denigrates anyone who stands in favor of that truth. While, on the one hand, they espouse tolerance on the other, they oppose the truth of God’s Word with intolerance, vitriol and hate. In this modern culture things that God’s Word calls out as sinful behavior are viewed with contempt and are proscribed as out of touch in this new modern time.

Things such as adultery, same-sex marriage and abortion are touted as normal and acceptable. Even church leaders of today are beginning to embrace this kind of behavior as acceptable for those who attend church (note I did not use the term Christians). While the culture of the day readily embraces these things there are those who truly believe God’s Word is truth and they also subscribe to the fact that God’s truth is applicable in today’s culture as well.

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Socialism. Mans Attempt to Deny God!

Socialism. Mans Attempt to Deny God!

The Kingdom of God vs. SocialismSocialism has never succeeded in any society at any time. From the ancient Egyptians to the Greek and Roman Empires, socialism has always failed. In today’s culture socialistic countries have created a strata of dependence that has literally racked up debt to the point where those countries are teetering on the brink of financial disaster. Look at Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. All of those countries are operating at a financial deficit. The United States has also fallen under the spell of socialism and running debt up as though there is no tomorrow. But what is the real motive behind socialism? What is the appeal of socialism? What are the ultimate results of socialism? And, most importantly, what does God’s Word say about socialism? In this article we’ll look at all of those aspects.

But to begin, socialism certainly does not seem to be about financial security as evidenced by the debt in this country and across the globe. This mountain of debt threatens not only the financial stability United States but of the entire world. Let’s look at one example in the US. The United States owes more than a trillion dollars to China, a communist country, who under any other circumstances would be considered an enemy. How can the US be in such debt to a country that outlaws the very things that we hold dear. Religious freedom, the pursuit of our own destiny and all of the things chartered in the Declaration of Independence and provided by our Constitution are literally held in disdain by this communist government. A government whose regard for human rights align only in total compliance of everyone in that country with the will of the government. Those who do not comply completely are enemies of the state and risk death or imprisonment. The sad fact is that the United States, the richest nation in the world, is a debtor country to a communist regime who stands in stark opposition to everything we stand for and believe.

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Can Anything Good Come Out of …

Can Anything Good Come Out of Nazareth or New York City

Jesus began his public ministry by choosing some people to go along with him. Phillip, of Bethsaida, was one of those people. Philip, in turn, reached out to Nathanael and in John 1:45 it says that “Philip found Nathanael and said to him, ‘We have found Him of whom Moses in the Law and also the Prophets wrote—Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.’”  But Nathanaels response was very interesting. In John 1:46 Nathanael said to him, “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?”.  Nathanael responded much the way the Pharisees responded to the notion of Jesus being from Nazareth of Galilee. The Pharisees mocked Jesus in John 7:52 “…‘You are not also from Galilee, are you? Search, and see that no prophet arises out of Galilee.’” Perhaps Nathanael was aspiring to be a Pharisee. No one knows but his response to Phillip was, none-the-less, a blanket statement about people from Nazareth. Continue reading

When "We the People" vote!

The Voter’s Creed!

When “We the People” vote, we don’t vote for a party!
When “We the People” vote, we don’t vote for a party platform!
When “We the People” vote, we don’t vote for someone to represent the party!
When “We the People” vote, we don’t vote to protect the reputation of the party!
When “We the People” vote, we don’t vote for someone to represent the party line!
When “We the People” vote, we don’t vote for someone to represent the party’s platform!
When “We the People” vote, we don’t vote for someone to cave the demands of another party!
When “We the People” vote, we don’t vote for someone to pass good bills with bad amendments!
When “We the People” vote, we don’t vote for someone to add good amendments then pass bad bills!
When “We the People” vote, we do vote for someone to represent us in spite of the pressure they receive from another party!
When “We the People” vote, we do vote for someone to represent us in spite of the pressure they receive from their party!
When “We the People” vote, we do vote for someone to represent our collective values, moral standards and wishes!
When “We the People” vote, we do vote for someone to represent us regardless of what the other party thinks!
When “We the People” vote, we do vote for someone to represent us regardless of what their party thinks!

When “We the People” vote, we do vote for someone to represent us!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

In this time of the year there’s so much confusion
But the reason is clear and there is no illusion
God sent His own Son as a gift for us all
Eternal life awaits those who hear His call
Who trust in His Name with the faith of a child
The Christ child who came to us meek and mild
Sinless He lived bearing all we could bear
Then He gave His own life for our despair
On our behalf the Savior did bleed
Risen He is now, He’s risen indeed
The joy of the world and the hope of us all
He did save us from so great a fall
Mankind now honors His birth with good reason
For He gave us new life to provide this great season

Are Muslims Our Friends?

Can we have Muslim Friends?

aremuslimsourfriendsThere has been a lot of debate lately regarding Muslim refugees and the possibility of radical Islamists infiltrating the ranks of those refugees with the intent of doing harm here in the United States. When you listen to the pundits talk the notion that “Moderate” Muslims need to get involved inevitably surfaces. Anyone who has read the Koran (Qu’ran) understands that there really is no such thing as a “Moderate” Muslim. There are those who believe that violence is warranted to bring unbelievers totally under Islamic rule and there are those who choose to use deception to gain an advantage in order to impose the dictates of the Islam on everyone. But make no mistake, either way they believe that everyone must be under Islamic rule. Continue reading

America: A Revolutionary Soldier’s View

FrancisMarionOne of my hero’s in life is General Francis Marion of the Revolutionary War who became known as the “Swamp Fox”. The popular movie “The Patriot” was modeled after the life of the Swamp Fox. As I study the man’s life I am taken by not only his deep devotion to God but his intense dedication to freedom and liberty. As we watch the liberty, fought an paid for with the blood of men like Francis Marion, fade into totalitarianism I cannot help but be in awe of how this man perceived his duty to this great nation. He and his soldiers fought without pay living on rations of roots and potatoes for an idea. The idea was “Liberty”.

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Brick and Mortar a Disciple Doesn’t Make

Are Catholics Just as Divided as Anglicans?The Brick and Mortar Conundrum

Over decades of attending fellowships that meet in brick and mortar facilities one thing has become painfully obvious to me. While there are many activities and events sponsored by local fellowships, the one thing these fellowships are not doing, for the most part, is obeying the last command of Jesus Christ. When you think of “church” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

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The West Wing Left Wing Deflection and Deception

The Pestiferous West Wing Diatribe

westwingclipRecently I saw a post on a popular social media site that immediately peaked my interest, but not in a good way. The subtitle was “How to Silence Supporters of Kim Davis” which was put out by the “Occupy Democrats” organization. The link provided was to that of a video clip from the popular NBC television program “West Wing”. As I watched I was deeply troubled because President Josiah Bartlett, played by Martin Sheen, used biblical references to personally attack Dr. Jenna Jacobs, the host of a popular program. Mr. Bartlett obviously believed and clearly implied that Dr. Jacobs was a religious nut and a bigot. Mr. Bartlett inaccurately purveyed several references in the Law of Moses as a means of disqualifying things God has called out in His Word as sinful. During the process he deflected away from the issue at hand, the sin of homosexuality, by drawing attention to points in the Law of Moses in a manner that indicated all of the precepts in the Law are ancient, impractical, arcane and no longer invalid today. He also made strong inference that those who believe such things are out of touch with the reality of today’s modern society. This kind of tactic is often used by left wing progressives to draw attention away from the real issues in support of the agenda of evil they wish to impose on the rest of society. Such was the case in this NBC West Wing diatribe. Continue reading

National Back to Church Sunday

back-to-church-sunday-poster-cropped-2.jpgThe National Back to Church Sunday is a blitz to get church members to invite people to come to church on September 20th. The effort emphasizes inviting friend, neighbors and loved ones to come a special Sunday Service just for them. The notion of a “special service” just for people who are invited to church seems noble on the surface but is it noble or is it ignoble?

The problem with such a notion is that it is designed to bolster attendance at Sunday services to support brick and mortar institutions rather than applying the last command that Jesus gave the church. That command was not a call to a “Come Ye” gospel but the command to spread “Go Ye’” gospel. There is one main problem with the idea of “inviting” someone to church and that is it is not obeying the last command that Jesus gave which was to share the gospel where ever the believer goes. Institutional religion has instilled in it’s members the idea that you have to bring someone to church so they can hear the gospel. “Butts in chairs” as one popular pastor in Atlanta Georgia puts it. Continue reading