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America: A Revolutionary Soldier’s View

FrancisMarionOne of my hero’s in life is General Francis Marion of the Revolutionary War who became known as the “Swamp Fox”. The popular movie “The Patriot” was modeled after the life of the Swamp Fox. As I study the man’s life I am taken by not only his deep devotion to God but his intense dedication to freedom and liberty. As we watch the liberty, fought an paid for with the blood of men like Francis Marion, fade into totalitarianism I cannot help but be in awe of how this man perceived his duty to this great nation. He and his soldiers fought without pay living on rations of roots and potatoes for an idea. The idea was “Liberty”.

While reading a book about General Marion written by Colonel Peter Horry, one of Marion’s officers,  I came across a quote that really stuck home. Often times we take for granted the things that we have been blessed by God to have and so many of this generation are so self-absorbed and concerned with personal gratification that they have no concept of the price paid for the Liberty we all enjoy.

Listen to the General’s perspective on war:

“When, gentlemen, shall we catch the spirit of our profession; the spirit of men fighting for a republic, a commonwealth of brothers that government most glorious, where God alone is king! that government most pleasant, where men make and obey their own laws! and that government most prosperous, where men, reaping as they sow, feel the utmost stimulus to every virtue that can exalt the human character and condition! This government, the glory of the earth, has ever been the desire of the wise and good of all nations. For this, the Plato’s of Greece, the Cato’s of Rome, the Tells of Switzerland, the Sidney’s of England, the Washington’s of America, have sighed and reasoned, have fought and died. In this grand army, gentlemen, we are now enlisted; and are combating under the same banners as those excellent men of the earth. Then let self-gratification gladden our very heart, and swell each high-toned nerve. With such worthies by our sides, with such cause before our eyes, let us move on with joy to the battle and charge like honored champions of God and of human rights. But, in the moment of victory, let the supplicating enemy find us as lovely in mercy, as we were terrible in valor.”

Oh that our young upcoming generation might know the price of the freedom they enjoy. May God have mercy on us for our insolence under His rich blessings. May we, like the Swamp Fox, exemplify self-sacrifice in sincerely serving others with a attitude of humility.

America: A Revolutionary Soldier’s View

God Bless America!



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